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A couple of days ago I got a message on my facebook page from a blog reader asking me if I could write a post about sun blocking:

”Could you write a post about sun blocking? Your skin looks so pale and sensitive and at the same time so perfect and never red. I can imagine, that you get a sunburn very fast. But i’ve noticed that your skin never looks shiny (how it often looks after using sun lotion). So can you write anything about that? Maybe your skin isn’t that sensitive how it looks? I’m also very pale and i always use spf 50, but nevertheless i often get a sunburn.”

Sooooo yes of course I can! The answer might not be very satisfying though because the answer is that I hardly go out in the sun. If I’m at the beach I stay in the shade all the time. When I go out running in the sun I wear (very thin) long pants and a top that covers my shoulders well, even if it’s really hot outside. I don’t go sunbathing/tanning. The few times I do spend time in the sun though I also wear spf 50 all over my body and my face. I mix it (like 50/50) with my regular face cream that has spf 15 when I apply it to my face, and I use blothing powder to reduce shininess in my face. But I don’t like the sticky feeling of sun lotion on my body, so I just prefer staying in the shadow most of the time instead.


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Yesterday I bought a new camera and a tripod! The camera is a LUMIX GM1 från Panasonic. It’s super tiny and cute and takes great pictures, but my favorite thing about it is that you can connect it wirelessly with wifi to your smartphone and control the camera with the phone, like take pictures with the camera using your phone (like a self timer) and even see the image through the camera lense on your phone in real time (wow, I’m really bad at explaining lol…) and I can also transfer the photos from the camera to my iPhone wirelessly. Which is perfect, since I edit my photos with the app VSCOcam nowadays (before I always used photoshop, but then my friend/colleague Madie showed me this great app!!!).

Now I don’t have any more excuses for not updating my blog frequently (except being busy/lazy lol).


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Here’s a bunch of photos from the party VideofyMe had at Långholmen this weekend. We danced, picnicked, drank beer and sparkling wine from Fresita. Here you can see a video from the party that I made:

And here’s a longer version from the official Team VideofyMe-account:



Asked my friend (and colleague) Rasmus to take some outfit pics outside of our office during our lunch break today, he wasn’t a very good photographer though…. (PS. Clothes from Weekday and shoes from Adidas!)

The last three weeks my boyfriend has been visiting in Sweden, and on Sunday night he flew back to London, that’s why I’ve been a bit bad at updating the blog lately. When you have a long-distance relationship you have to take advantage of the few times you get to see each other. It’s exciting though, we’ve only known each other for 5 months and this was the first time we got to spend more than 3-4 days together in a row, so we’ve hung out every day for 2,5 weeks and spent every night together. Yay. Haha. Well, enough about that. I’m already talking about Leo to everyone, all the time… I just miss him a lot.


Sorry for the lack of outfit posts and stuff like that, I haven’t been in the mood for taking pictures of myself due to my recent SKIN ISSUES. I’ve never had any problems whatsoever with my skin (I usually only get like a couple of spots per year, even during puberty it was all fine)… until recently, when I started experimenting with different kinds of birth control. I had been eating the same kind of birth control pills (Mercilon) for almost 5 years (started when I was 16 years old) without any notable side effects except gaining 5 kilos in weight, when my new doctor told me I couldn’t take them anymore because of the high risk of thrombosis, so instead I had to switch to another kind (Cilest), which were also fine without any side effects (except gaining some weight again and getting almost two cup sizes bigger breasts). After taking the new kind for a year my doctor told me I couldn’t take it anymore because it wasn’t safe and had been withdrawn from the market. Instead they told me to go back to Mercilon, that could give me thrombosis, so I did… After a while I noticed it was giving me mood swings and headaches, unlike the first time I took them, so I decided to switch again, this time to Prionelle, which unfortunately also gave me moodswings and headaches…

After trying a bunch of different kinds, I finally got recommended to try a vaginal ring, NuvaRing, which I’ve been using now for three months. About 2-3 weeks after I put the first ring in I started getting itchy red rashes on my face. They just got worse and worse over time and now, three months later, my skin is a disaster. Red, uneven, itchy. Ahh, don’t know what to do. Next week I’m going back to my doctor to get new birth control pills, I think I might go for Yasmin this time – any side effect would be better than rashes all over my face. But I’m so fucking sick of experimenting with hormones like this, feels like I’m poisoning my body.

Photo above is from April, before I started using the NuvaRing, when my skin was still fine. :( :( :( *sad*


Minimarket ‘Plateau Paige’

Adidas ‘Forest Hills Vintage’

A couple of days ago I ordered two new pairs of shoes! A pair of sneakers from Adidas and a pair of chunky dress shoes from Minimarket. I hope they arrive today! All my shoes are falling apart because I haven’t bought new shoes in like two years lol…




(My old roomie DJ-Simon.)



Alexander, not only drinking Grolsch, but eating it.


Last week I went to an exhibition that Grolsch Studios had for the art project ”For Forest Sake” by Richard Holland. They had built a skateboard ramp inside of Bruno Gallerian on Götgatan. Pretty cool. HNNY and the gang from VICE were DJ:ing, and there were a couple of live artists as well. I’m not in any pics because I was sick and gross.